The Symptoms and Test Results

1999 - 2001 - minor incidental tingling noticed in fingers, wrists

November - serious pain in wrists, fingers, especially at night
- Hand Clinic - Peter Lougheed Centre, Calgary - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome suspected (both wrists)

- Foothills Medical Centre, Calgary - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome diagnosis confirmed (Nerve Conduction Velocity test)
September - Regina General Hospital - Carpal Tunnel Release surgery (left)
October - Regina General Hospital -Carpal Tunnel Release surgery (right)

- PLC Hand Clinic - DeQuervain's Tenosyovitis diagnosed
June - PLC - acupuncture for DeQuervain's Tenosyovitis
December - Molar extraction, molar root canal

- bite change
May - inflamed tongue

- Molar extraction, major continual teeth migration/flaring (lower molars)
March - swollen tongue, heart palpitations, fatigue noticed
May - edema, notice reddish splotches around eyes, in armpits and on neck
June - Dr Adatia (our GP) referral to C-Era Cardiac Diagnostic Clinic
August - C-Era clinic consult with Dr Nanji
September - cardiac stress test, thallium stress test
October - Holter Monitor 24 hour EKG test, atrial fibrillation diagnosis
November - Echocardiogram (ultrasound) - amyloidosis diagnosis, Cardiac MRI -  amyloidosis diagnosis confirmed, referral to Dr Connolly (cardiologist)
December - Dr Williams (oral surgeon) suggests teeth migration due to swollen tongue, Obstructive Sleep Apnea diagnosed

- PLC - Dr Connolly prescribes diuretics, cardiac meds and subcutaneous abdominal fat biopsy to further confirm amyloidosis diagnosis (Dr Jadusingh), start using Continuous Positive Air Pressure machine for OSA (CPAP), three molar extractions
February - Subcutaneous abdominal fat biopsy test positive for Primary AL Amyloidosis
March 8- Introduced to Leslie Reed, a nurse overseeing the Cardiac Function Clinic at the Peter Lougheed Centre. She tells me she has heard of someone, a local judge, who is being treated at The Foothills Medical Centre for cardiac amyloidosis. She later learns that one of his attending physicians is Dr Nizar Bahlis, an oncologist at The Tom Baker Cancer Centre. Contact is eventually made and an appointment is booked through Dr Connolly. (Serendipity - thanks Leslie!, and may the soul of B.G. rest in peace. We know you are watching out for me/us)
April 26 - Meet with Dr Bahlis for initial consultation at the TBCC

Calendar of Treatment